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Dennis Murphy is without question the greatest professional sports promoter in U.S. history.  He almost single-handedly created the American Basketball Association, World Hockey Association, World Team Tennis, Roller Hockey International, and many other professional sports leagues.  Without him, there would be NO San Antonio Spurs winning 4 NBA championships, NO Indiana Pacers, NO Denver Nuggets, NO New Jersey Nets, as well as NO Edmonton Oilers winning 5 NHL Stanley Cup championships, and NO New England Whalers, creating uncounted thousands of jobs.  The list goes on and on, with dozens of pro sports teams created by Mr. Murphy now worth billions of dollars.  In fact, without his A.B.A. league showing the value of the 3-point shot, there would be NO 3-point shot in today’s N.B.A.  In addition, without his W.H.A. and R.H.I. leagues, there would be NO sudden-death overtime and 4-on-4 play in today’s N.H.L.  On top of all that, without him ‘making waves’, all pro sports players today might still be forced to stay with their initial draft team, forever.  Mr. Murphy has without question changed the shape of modern sports, as well as being a mentor to dozens of sports team owners, such as L.A. Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss, and New England Patriots owner Bob Craft.


Mr. Murphy recently joined the sports production branch of G.S.P., known as Afterburner Enterprises, as a senior producer of sports programming.


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