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This year marks the 25th anniversary of Global Science Productions, founded by the noted biologist, Dr. Elliott Haimoff.   From its beginning as a TV documentary production company in 1990, Dr. Haimoff’s Global Science Productions has had a long history of developing space, science, health, history and nature shows that have been well-received by broadcast audiences all over the U.S., as well as in over 35 countries worldwide.                              


Dr. Haimoff received his Ph.D. in Biology from Cambridge University’s Pembroke College in the U.K., where he studied in the famed footsteps of scientists like Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.  Dr. Haimoff pioneered the development of several specific computer software programs used for biological scientific analyses of a wide variety of animals and human behavior, back in the days when mainframe computers used punch-cards.


He was also the very first scientist in history to use the fledgling videotape format as a tool for analyzing animal behavior both in a laboratory setting and in the wild.  Back then, in the mid-1970s, “portable” or “field” video recorders were custom-made, limited edition prototypes so weighty they required two crew-members to carry around, and videotapes were hand-spooled onto reel-to-reel decks. 

For five years after receiving his doctorate in the mid- to late-1980s, Dr. Haimoff served as a research professor in Biology at UCLA, where he continued his studies into animal behavior and ecology, traveling to mainland communist China in places no Westerner had visited since the 1850s, and helped the Chinese government set up game reserves and protected areas to save wildlife on the verge of extinction.   Dr. Haimoff published over 40 articles in scientific journals and books from 1980-1990 on his diverse research into animal behavior, ecology, and evolution, establishing him as a world-renowned authority on animal as well as plant biology.


After meeting with an executive at the PBS-TV station in Los Angeles (KCET), who had recently produced a science documentary series and acquired a million-dollar grant from the L.K. Whittier Foundation to continue producing science TV programs, Dr. Haimoff was persuaded to pursue a career in science TV production in the late-1980s.  For two years after joining the staff of the Los Angeles-area PBS-TV station, Dr. Haimoff wrote and produced numerous segments and documentaries on scientific subjects ranging from the fringes of the cosmos to the sub-atomic components of matter - programs which spanned the entire spectrum of science.  

With his extensive background in science and research, Dr. Haimoff wrote and produced several programs on science topics that were previously hidden in scientific journals, but topics of interest to the general viewing public.  Some of Dr. Haimoff’s TV productions included the beginning of the universe at the time of the big bang that was explored through the study of cosmic background radiation in “The Universe Revised.”  Black holes, cold dark matter and quasars were the subjects of “Matter of Fact.”  In addition, early programs on DNA fingerprinting and the future of computers in our society proved to be astonishingly prophetic.  Dr. Haimoff also profiled the plight of California Condors, Asian Orangutans and other apes, as well as the dangers posed by excessive tropical rain forest destruction.  Dr. Haimoff’s own research in the field of animal behavior became the subject of a PBS segment, “A Cat’s Purr.”  This new format, along with the great response and success of this science TV series had resulted in two L.A.-area Emmy awards granted to this series. 


Shortly thereafter, Dr. Haimoff formed his own TV and video production company where he has been continuing in the PBS tradition of high-quality science, nature, and historical programming.  Dr. Haimoff’s TV production company, Global Science Productions, has developed programs ranging from space exploration, medical technology and exercise physiology to the tropical rain forest, global warming and feline behavior.   

Dr. Haimoff and his production team produced full-length documentaries on some of the most controversial topics facing society today, including human cloning, genetic engineering of food crops, solving world hunger and humankind’s future destiny in space.


Dr. Haimoff has written and produced dozens of award-winning science, space, historical, medical and nature documentaries for broadcast by stations around the globe.


Dr. Haimoff will continue to produce high-quality documentaries that allow viewers to become armchair adventurers, with their television serving as a user-friendly electronic interface between the laboratory and the living room. With over 200 full-length award-winning space shows and news segments to their credit, Global Science Productions was hailed as “far and away the leader in space exploration programs” by the international space magazine, Final Frontier. 

Back when a brand-new science-based satellite TV station called “The Einstein Channel” came on-line in Europe and Canada, they purchased over 100 documentary news segments produced by Global Science Productions.  It was a series of G.S.P. episodes on the old space race that premiered as the “flagship” first segments ever broadcast by this new TV station when it was launched.


Other programs of note that were written and produced by Dr. Haimoff, include the new findings of underwater ruins and its implications for the archeology of ancient civilizations, in addition to wildlife conservation and tropical forest destruction, as well as updates on the contentious topics of genetically modified food crops, animal transgenics, and human cloning.  Starting from when these programs were first aired, and continuing for a long time to come, these are all issues that will surely be hotly debated far into the future. 

It is the goal of Global Science Productions to design programs that relieve ‘science anxiety’, educate as they entertain and stimulate rather than intimidate.  Each program offers food for thought, measures the pulse of progress and reveals the human side of science.   Ever since Dr. Haimoff founded his TV production company 25 years ago, we inhabitants of this planet have learned more about our world than during the rest of our time on Earth combined.  Information is helping us fight disease, develop new energy sources and address global hunger—and we are just beginning… Now, Global Science Productions is ready for the next adventure… and we’d like for all viewing audiences worldwide to join us in our search for truth and knowledge.   


Global Science Productions represents the very best in science education, science entertainment, and above all else, science integrity.

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