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Barbara Sharp has been a writer and producer of numerous documentary programs both as a freelancer and with Dr. Haimoff for Global Science Productions since 1996.  The documentaries produced by her range from the exploration of Mars and the future exploitation of comets, to the potential dangers of human cloning, and the profile of the first woman to break the sound barrier.


Ms. Sharp, who studied acting at the University of Toledo, also played one of the lead characters in the cult classic sci-fi spoof “The Interplanetary Surplus Male And Amazon Women From Outer Space”, and also played the part of the Sandusky police homicide detective in “Close Encounters of the 4th Kind: Infestation From Mars.” 


Ms. Sharp is also a country music singer/ songwriter and is currently producing her demo CD at a recording studio in Santa Monica.  Several songs from her repertoire of originals are ideal for the film’s soundtrack as they uniquely capture the spirit and adventure of the film. 


In addition, Ms. Sharp is a licensed attorney (Ohio) and works as a research and writing attorney with a personal injury lawyer in Marina del Rey.  

Ms. Sharp’s understanding of the law, particularly with respects to contracts, is being utilized to assist in the early phases of the film’s production.


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